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Tessabahn and services

tessabahn Once you've got yourself settled into accommodation, you'll need to know where to pay your bills and how much they're likely to be.

We have provided details of where the utility offices are in Hua Hin, although it should be noted that bills can be paid at 7-11 stores in town as long as you do so promptly - normally on the due date, rather then waiting the week "grace period" that is given before disconnection. 7-11 will charge a handling fee, but it's minimal. This convenience may save you a good amount of time if you live outside of Hua Hin centre.

You can also pay through ATMs at your Thai bank, assuming you've got an account there.

Bills and services

The office is situated on Petchkasem Road, heading south of the town centre, opposite Condochain.

This is almost certainly going to be the largest bill you'll get on a monthly basis. It's difficult to give an accurate guide to how much they will be as it will depend on the size of your accommodation and particularly how much you use air conditioning.
As a general rule of thumb, running one air conditioning unit for 12 hours a day for a month will result in a bill of around 2,000 Baht, including your other electrical requirements. Estimate about 50 baht a day for one unit. If you don't have air conditioning and simply run fans, then bills can be as low as 700-800 Baht per month.

Most of your cooking is likely to be done using a gas bottle. These can be obtained from many locations around town, so you'll need to find the one most convenient for you. As they're somewhat heavy, they'll normally be delivered to your address. The cost is approximately 300 Baht and they can last for up to 3 months, depending on how much you cook. Contact details for delivery are on the business directory.

The office is on the south side of Damnoern Kasem Road, between the Tessabahn and the railway station. It's actually tucked away off the road, but you can see where it is from the large water tower that sits beside it. Bills are cheap and as long as you don't have a swimming pool or other appliance that uses a large amount of water, they are not likely to be over 100 Baht a month.


The two main offices are the Telephone Organisation of Thailand (TOT), based on the north side of Damnoern Kasem Road, between the Tessabahn and the railway station.

Local calls are cheap at 3 Baht each, while longer distance are more expensive. Bills include your internet time as well and will vary depending on the package you have. As long as you're not a big telephone user and have home ADSL, bills should be between 1,000-1,500 a month.

Thailand Telephone and Telegraph (TT&T) are based on Petchkasem Road, south of the town centre before you get to the new shopping mall (on the east side of the road). Prices are similar to TOT.

The cable TV office is located off the northern side of Chomsin Road, just past the Chinese Temple. Prices are either 300 Baht a month or 750 Baht for 3 months.
More information on local television options can be found on our media page.

Refuse collection
This is organised by the Tessabahn (local council 032-511047) and collections are daily from "wheelie bins" that can be found all over the centre of town. This service costs 10 Baht and is added to your water bill.
If you live outside the municipal catchment area, you'll need to organise private collections that will obviously cost more.

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