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Hua Hin police

hua hin police If you find yourself having to deal with the police, there are a few simple rules to follow to help the encounter go as smoothly as possible.

Most of them do speak reasonable English, however if you are finding that language is a problem, The Tourist Police will be able to help.

It's vitally important for you to keep your cool. The police are almost always reasonable and fair, but if you become aggressive, you may well find out quickly that it was a bad decision. They rarely get involved in personal disputes unless there's a chance of violence and will normally only be at the scene of a motoring accident to clear obstuctions away and ensure the parties involved come to agreement about liability, rather than take details - unless someone is injured. Do not leave the scene of an accident, you will be presumed to be in the wrong.

In the main, disputes are settled quickly and without loss of face for anyone. If you strive to achieve the same result, any day-to-day dealings with the police will normally turn out fine.

Police spot checks
The Hua Hin police department regularly setup spot checks on the roads for cars and motorcycles. Unless they have a specific agenda they are usually checking for helmets and drivers licences though a number of other minor infractions may also be noticed. If you're on the road drive smart and stay legal, our driving guide has more info.

Police fines
There is a list of fines on the wall in the Hua Hin police station, they range from 100 baht up into the thousands depending on the severity of the infraction. Most traffic offences are 100 to 400 baht.

Police contact numbers
Hua Hin Tourist Police : 1155
Hua Hin Police : 191
Hua Hin Police Station : 032-511027



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