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tessabahnThe whole Hua Hin municipality is located in Prachuabkirikhan Province and has a total land area of 86.36 sq kms. The town of Hua Hin has a population of approximately 85,000.

The offices themselves are located on the west side of Petchkasem Road at the main junction with Damnoen Kasem Road (pitcured left). Most of the land around Hua Hin is either owned by the military, agricultural or unoccupied, although the town is expanding rapidly.

As a well-established beach resort, Hua Hin attracts large numbers of tourists each year who take advantage of the world-class facilities the town has to offer. The area is protected as a pollution control area and is under environmental monitoring.
Hua Hin residents elect a Mayor and between twelve to twenty-four assemblymen. The latter then choose two to four councillors from among their number who make up the executive councils, together with the Mayor. The current Mayor of Hua Hin is Khun Jira Phongphaiboon (2008).

The mayor has two advisors, a secretary and three deputies who make up the Municipal Executive Board. The Municipal Council has 18 National Assembly Representatives. Municipal Management has a Clerk and two deputies who report to the Executive Board.

There are ten departments within Hua Hin Municipality:
Technical and Planning
Public Health and Environment
Water Works
Social Welfare and Medical - this is administered by the Office of Municipal Clerk.

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