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Driving in Hua Hin

driving hua hin Once you're settled in Hua Hin, you may find that you want some mobility so you can get around the locality and the country.

Therefore you might consider buying or renting a motor vehicle or motorbike. The following sections describe how to go about doing this and the particular dangers you may have to face on the roads here.

Do make sure you are well covered, insurance-wise and have the correct license. It goes without saying that you do have to be careful. Accidents are extremely common and the foreigner often gets the blame regardless of who was at fault.

There are some fantastic beaches and little spots just a short drive away from Hua Hin so having your own wheels really does give you the freedom to explore.

Renting a car or motorcycle

There are a number of car and motorcycle rental places around Hua Hin however you should consider buying your own vehicle if you intend to reside here for any length of time.

Motorcycles rent for approximately 200-300 baht per day or 3,000 per month, check the condition of the vehicle before renting. Most rental places will ask for you passport as a deposit to cover them in the event of the bike getting damaged.

There are a number of car rental agents in town with vehicles in various conditions, if you need to rent a vehicle try to stick to the reputable ones offering full insurance such as Avis or Budget. Others may demand high deposits or have steep charges for returning the vehicle late. Prices for cars range from around 1,000-1,800 per day depending on the vehicle hired. Discounts are available for longer periods.

Quality Toyota Vios, Vigo and Fortuners for rent from 800 baht per day: Car Rental Hua Hin

On the road

Whether in a car, on a motorbike, bicycle or walking you should be have some basic road awareness in Hua Hin as motoring here is a far cry from what you will be used to in the west. You drive on the left in Thailand but as you are about to find out things are not all what they seem on the roads.

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There are a number of steps you need to take as a foreigner to legally drive in Thailand or to purchase and register a vehicle. The first would be to ensure you have a valid Thai or international drivers license ...

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If you're out on the roads, you'll come across numerous road signs. Essentially, these are split into two types - regulatory and warning.

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