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media As Hua Hin grows the number of quality media outlets is bound to follow suit. There has been a rapid increase in the quantity of English language print publications, radio stations, and websites for the area in the last couple of years.

With more ex-pats deciding to relocate to Hua Hin the demand for media outlets is on the increase however there are still many substandard productions out there, we shall only focus on the better quality media options.


Sadly high quality English language television is lacking in Hua Hin, there are a number of local Thai channels that primarily broadcast soap operas, game shows and news programmes. There are two options for English language TV:

Run by a local company the cable TV option offers around 10 English language channels including movies, music, news and a couple of lifestyle channels. Unfortunately though, much of what is broadcast here is several years old and the channels tend to be changed frequently due to licensing problems. Cable TV costs 300 baht per month (750 for 3 months), the company can be contacted on 032-512558.

UBC/True Visions
This is a premium satellite TV solution offering a number of movie, sports, news, kids and entertainment channels, unfortunately it is subject to ever increasing Thai censorship policies. Startup costs can be a little expensive however they often run promotions, monthly cost is approximately 1,000 baht and upwards depending on your selected channels and packages. They can be contacted on 02-2717171 (+9 for English) or through any of the local vendors.

There are various places that will install 'Dreambox' type units which can offer the same service as satellite TV over the internet for a fraction of the price. Be aware though that this practise is illegal and there are no guaruntees with the service or its longevity. Most people now get their TV online from various providers.


The radio phenomenon in Hua Hin really has only taken off in the last year. There are at least ten local Thai radio stations and one or two English language ones. More and more Hua Hin radio stations are gradually filling the airwaves.

Print and News

There are an number of local English language magazines and newspapers for Hua Hin however most of them tend to be municipality based or promotional for the real estate affiliated owners.

Many of the local publications now are packed with real estate advertisements reflecting the huge expansion of the market in Hua Hin. There are also plenty of small tourist handouts with a few token paragraphs and a map however these tend to change frequently and offer nothing of use to the long term resident. Sadly though on the whole there is very little in the way of real reporting, journalism, and news in English in Hua Hin.


Although there are countless websites for the Hua Hin area very few of them offer any information of real value to the expat. Hence the creation of this site which aims to fill the void. Our sister site is a comprehensive guide for tourists and attractions in Hua Hin and can be found at:

Hua Hin message board
The main message board for Hua Hin has been running for ten years and has almost four and a half thousand members. You can get quick answers from people that live in Hua Hin:

Hua Hin internet and media services
A media solutions provider in Hua Hin that specializes in marketing local businesses to all forms of local media can be found at:

Internet, computer and website solutions can be found from another local company that has been operating in the area for several years and has a good reputation:





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