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Hua Hin immigration office


The Hua Hin Immigration Office moved yet again to new premises on Soi 23, Hua Hin (next to Queen's Park - 19 Rai).

As with any other Immigration Office, they are able to offer advice about visas, process extensions to them and handle "90 day reporting".

They are open from 08.30 to 15.30 Monday to Friday, they are closed for Public Holidays. The immigration office can be reached on 032-653617.

This immigration office is an extension of the Singkhon Immigration office in Prachuabkhirikhan. They offer the following services:

1) Visa extensions (30/15 day visa exempt stamps, TR tourist, Transit, Non Immigrant O/B)
2) Re-entry permits
3) 90 day notification
4) Proof of residence documents

The current cost of a visa extension is 1,900 baht however this may change so its best to check before hand. Also requirements for non-immigrant visa extensions based on marriage, retirement or work change frequently so make sure you go in there and ask them what is required. The officers are friendly and will do their best to assist you.

Please be aware that reporting late for your 90 days (applicable only to one year non immigrant visa extension holders) will incur a 2,000 baht fine and an additional 500 Baht a day. You are able to report up to 7 days before or after the stipulated date. Fines are incurred after this.

Also note that you can not get new visas or do "visa runs" at this office. You need to leave the country for those, the nearest border crossing to Hua Hin is Ranong around 5-6 hours south.

Dansingkhon Immigration
This office located near Prachuab town reopened in 2011 but only offers 90 day reporting and proof of residency letters, for those that live in Pranburi and further south this office is far more convenient.



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