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Hospitals in Hua Hin

hospital hua hin As Hua Hin has grown as a tourist destination and the number of ex-pats living here has risen, so the medical facilities have started to improve.

It would be wrong to describe Hua Hin as having developed the same standard of care as can be found in other large tourist areas, but it is equally only correct to appreciate that things are changing for the better, quickly. The recent addition of The Bangkok Hospital, Hua Hin is a tremendous boost to the town's health care facilities. You also have the option to visit top class hospitals in Bangkok and Petchaburi.

Be aware that minor ailments, cuts and scapes will be taken care of in Hua Hin professionally, quickly and cheaply - compared to the western world. However, if you are admitted to a hospital for major surgery or similar, costs can get extremely expensive, so it's worth thinking about some form of medical insurance.

Bear in mind that Thailand and Hua Hin do not have a history of free public health care. Although locals can now benefit from the 30 baht health scheme, private hospitals remain outside the financial reach of most Thais and the public hospitals therefore can get extremely busy. The doctors and nurses do their best, but quite often they are always overworked, underpaid and lacking essential equipment and beds.

Hua Hin hospitals and clinics

The main medical centres, with contact details are listed below:

Bangkok Hospital, Hua Hin
This new hospital in Hua Hin is a great boost to the standard of overall health care in the town. It is part of The Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Group that operates in all the major Thai centres. The doctors and nurses have all been trained in Bangkok so you can expect the best in medical care.
The hospital has been opening in stages since November 2010 and was fully operational by April 2011. The OPD has been open since January 2011.
It will have a full range of medical services including general medicine, womens' care, general surgery, orthopaedics, urology, dental, eye and other clinics. Essentially, you will be able to visit the hospital for the full range of medical complaints. In limited cases where test results or treatment cannot be given in Hua Hin, patients will be referred to Bangkok.
Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin
888, Petchkasem Road: Hua Hin: Prachuabkirikhan 77110
Tel: 032 616 800

San Paulo Hospital
A private hospital in central Hua Hin. It is well organised and staff speak English. This will probably be one of the best hospitals to visit first as long as your ailment is not too serious. The accident and emergency ward is always efficient and attention to detail is good. Rooms are comfortable and the level of patient care is exemplary. San Paulo also has dental and physiotherapy clinics. Prices for treatment in San Paulo can be extremely expensive so it is advisable to have health insurance if you need to go here.
Tel: 032 532576-85.

Hua Hin Hospital
This is the main public hospital in Hua Hin. It can get extremely busy, but is certainly a good option for minor ailments. A new extension has now been completed and the level of patient care has improved as a result. It is significantly cheaper than San Paulo.
Tel:  032 520401.

Hua Hin International Polyclinic
This clinic is staffed by doctors and nurses from Petcharat Hospital in Petchaburi. As a result, the standard of care and medical advice is some of the best in town. They do not offer rooms, but this is as good a medical facility as any in Hua Hin for an initial consultation with a doctor and has first-class dressing facilities for wounds and a dental clinic.
Tel: 032 516424.

Hua Hin Red Cross
As the name suggests, this facility is able to provide good and efficient medical care for non-serious conditions. It's always busy with locals, which is a good indicator of its professionalism and price.
Tel: 032 512567.

Petcharat Hospital, Petchaburi
This private hospital has an excellent reputation and is worth checking out if you do not receive the advice or care you are expecting. Prices can be relatively high, but it is able to deal with most serious medical emergencies. NOTE: the hospital is an approximate 45 min drive from Hua Hin.
Tel: 032 417070-8.

Pranburi Hospital
This facility is situated some 25km south of Hua Hin on an army base. As a result, it has an excellent reputation and will accept foreigners.
Tel: 032 612757.

Cha-am Hospital
Tel: 032 471808.

Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
Situated on Petchkasem Road, on the west side just before you get to Hua Hin Polyclinic, this is run by a doctor who has residence at the military hospital in Pranburi. Although small and busy, the service is excellent. During the week, the clinic is open after 5PM. At weekends, there is a limited service during day hours. Appointments can be made and are advisable as it gets busy but they cannot be made by phone, only in person.

Dr Sumet Clinic
Located at 87/5 Petchkasem Road opposite soi 80 this clinic specialises in babies and children offering vaccinations and full diagnosis. Dr Sumet is a very good pediatric doctor which is why the place is always full! Opening times are Monday - Friday 07.30-12.00 and 16.00-21.00 and Saturday 08.00-12.00 and 16.00-21.00 call them on 032-533404.


Please see the Hua Hin Health Forum for more information and advice on health issues in Hua Hin.


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