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Caring for your house in Hua Hin

hua hin real estate If you have bought a house or condominium in Hua Hin, you might want to reduce your work load by hiring local people to take care of various domestic chores and free your time up.

You will not find it too difficult to find local "Hua-Hinians" who are willing to clean your property on a regular basis, do the gardening, take care of the swimming pool (although you will need qualified personnel for this) or even become a live-in maid who can do your shopping and cooking.

However, it can be more troublesome finding reliable "staff" and as that is what you're going to want, take a look at Hua Hin Business Directory to give you some ideas and also talk to established expats for guidance as well. Good helpers will make your life much more easy and enjoyable here.

Hua Hin property care

A number of local and foreign managed companies have recently started up in Hua Hin offering property care services. As many people are here on a part time basis it is essential to have someone take care of your property in your absence. Services offered can include the following:

Security service: routine security checks on doors, windows, locks and perimeter.

Cleaning services: house and yard cleaning.

Gardening services: full landscaping or just trimming the hedge.

Maid services: daily or weekly maids for errands, shopping, cooking, cleaning and maintenance.

Pool services: swimming pool maintenance and chemical treatments.

Construction services: overseeing property construction with photographic evidence.

Prices range from 500 baht up to thousands depending on your level of service and frequency of visits.



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