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Employment in Hua Hin

working Many people coming to Hua Hin will just be looking for a relaxing life, leaving the pressures of work and business behind in their home countries.

However, this is not always the case and some may either want to remain active, business-wise, or add to their money to live here in style.

This section is designed to supply general information about working in Thailand - how to go about making yourself legal doing so and the many restrictions that apply to foreigners wanting employment here.

Work opportunities in Hua Hin for foreigners are generally quite thin on the ground and consist of a few major categories:

Teaching English
There are a number of local schools that are crying out for native speaking English teachers however the wages are generally very low and recent government clampdowns now result in the requirement of a genuine teaching qualification and degree.

Hotel and resort work
Many of the five star resorts have foreign management however they are usually recruited overseas.

Running your own business
This is by far the most popular method of working in Hua Hin for foreigners and businesses range from real estate agents to guesthouses to web design companies to tour operators. The drawback is that you need a fair bit of startup capital to launch your own business and company legally in Thailand. There are also the requirements of local employees, health insurance payments, accounting fees, company registration, company tax, income tax and so on. You should do the research before jumping in with this employment option.

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Work permits and restrictions

The first consideration is that a foreigner must have a Work Permit to engage in any form of employment/business here.

Without one, you're in breach of Employment legislation and as such liable to arrest, imprisonment, fines and deportation.

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Essentially, Thailand is very protective of jobs that its own citizens can perform and you'll always have to demonstrate that you can do something better than a local to get a Work Permit.

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