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Technology in Hua Hin

computer hua hin Over the years a number of small local computer stores have sprung up in Hua Hin. Most of them are affiliated with larger outfits in Bangkok so can pretty much get most hardware to order.

Be wary of prices in Hua Hin though, they are often inflated as much as 30% when compared to identical computer hardware that can be purchased in Bangkok. Panthip Plaza must be the venue of choice for PC hardware purchases however you need to offset the cost of the journey if you're making a special effort just to buy a computer or components.

If you're buying an off the shelf model or brand name machine also check the specification, it pays to know what you're buying. Some shops have been known to provide inferior or under spec components with their computers. A brand new PC can cost anything between 9,000 and 40,000 baht so make sure you know what is in the box!

One recommended store that can supply PC's and hardware at competitive prices is called IT-net, down soi 56, just past Hua Hin Tansamai. There is also a complete IT complex including a branch of IT City on the third floor of the old Hua Hin Shopping Mall.

Unfortunately there is currently no support for Mac users in Hua Hin so unless you know someone familiar with them you will need to go to Bangkok.

Laptop hardware is also serviced and repaired in Bangkok however the local stores will provide the service for you - at a price.


There are a number of choices you can make with PC software, the stores again will not help unless you specify exactly what you want. It is recommended to use a geniune version of Windows to keep your system secure and free of nasties. If you are purchasing a new computer in Hua Hin with genuine Windows make sure you get the CD from them, afterall you have paid for it! It is also advisable to get all of the driver CDs for any hardware you purchase in the event of reinstallation at a later date, again you need to ask the shop for these.

Unless you specify otherwise the computer shops in Hua Hin will pre-load your computer with Thai software rendering it useless unless you can read Thai. Make sure you ask them for the English versions of the programs you want or buy them yourself, again Panthip Plaza in Bangkok has the widest selection. You can also ask any technical questions on the Hua Hin technology forum.

Servicing and Repair

Computer servicing and repair is offered by most of the local shops however they will just do what they feel is best with little consultation. Make sure you have a full backup of all of your data if you take it to a shop as they will often simply format the hard drive and set it up fresh. Very few offer call out services.




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