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Living in Hua Hin

hua hinThis is the first and original Hua Hin Expat website, we are completely independent and work closely with local Hua Hin media providers to enable us to stay on top of current Hua Hin news and affairs. With close contacts in the local Hua Hin expats community we will bring you updated news of local events and happenings.

Hua Hin has grown from a solely tourist destination into one attracting expatriates in increasing numbers. There are an estimated 4,000 foreigners living in Hua Hin today and the numbers are increasing.

With its year round good climate, developing infrastructure, world class golf courses and welcoming locals, Hua Hin is becoming the premier destination in Thailand for those wanting to make the move. Expat Hua Hin is the first online guide for people living in Hua Hin or those considering moving here, we cover all the essential aspects and frequently asked questions about living in another country.

Relocation can be a headache if you don't know what to expect. With Thai Customs to deal with, bringing your own personal possessions, different standards, banks and technology, you need to be prepared.

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Ask The Expats

Questions on life in Hua Hin? Why not ask Hua Hin expats direct? A large number of expats in Hua Hin use the Hua Hin forum so it provides a great opportunity to ask questions to the expat community. Whether it be about starting a business, schools, services or visas asking the expats will get you the answer fast.

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Hua Hin Information

We are constantly adding new Hua Hin information pages to the Expat Hua Hin website. Our additions are the Hua Hin telecoms page, a guide to starting a business in Hua Hin, and a Hua Hin pet care , Hua Hin home care page and Hua Hin municipality and Hua Hin police information pages, check back often as we are constantly adding more Hua Hin pages.

Hua Hin News

hua hin blogExpat Hua Hin now offers an updated Hua Hin news service with news and events from the local Hua Hin community. We have a number of related Hua Hin news feeds and our Hua Hin news articles are gathered from a number of local Hua Hin news sources. Bookmark Expat Hua Hin to keep up to date with real news from the Hua Hin area.

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Hua Hin schools and education

For those bringing their children education standards and Hua Hin schools in the area are a priority. While Hua Hin has no true international schools to speak of things are slowly improving and it wont be long before one is available, many concerned parents are already researching. Read on to find out more about schooling in Hua Hin, what is available at present, and what education programs are planned for the future ...

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Hua Hin real estate

Buying a house is often the main reason people wish to move here, after all everyone dreams about a house in the sun! Hua Hin has undergone a property boom in the last couple of years with new agents and developments appearing every month.

There are a number of pleasures and pitfalls regarding property purchase in Hua Hin and a number of things you need to do before taking the plunge so read on to find out more ...

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Hua Hin technology

CAT hua hinGetting connected in Hua Hin can be a confusing experience but with our guides you will know what to look out for. There are a number of Hua Hin internet packages but not all are good. There are also good media publications and Hua Hin computer stores are plentiful for those that rely on technology for work or entertainment.

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Tourism Hua Hin

Please visit our sister site for all the information you could ever need about tourist attractions in Hua Hin. It covers Hua Hin accommodation options, trips and tours, Hua Hin history, restaurants and nightlife, pretty much anything that a Hua Hin visitor will need.

A unique photo map for down town Hua Hin can also be found, take a look at: www.tourismhuahin.com




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